outdoor wood panel for verandah ireland

fachwerk farmhouse

fachwerk farmhouse is a heritage-listed farmhouse at 445 - 469 beenleigh redland bay rd, carbrook, city of logan, queensland, australia.it was built c. 1873 by august von senden. it is also known as krugers farm. it was added to the queensland heritage register on 7 february 2005.


pteridomania or fern-fever was a victorian craze for ferns. decorative arts of the period presented the fern motif in pottery, glass, metal, textiles, wood, printed paper, and sculpture, with ferns 'appearing on everything from christening presents to gravestones and memorials'.

castletown railway station

castletown railway station is an intermediate station on the isle of man railway on the isle of man forming part of sole remaining section of the once extensive network that operated across the island. the station is the busiest of the railway's intermediate stations, being the closest to a number of local visitor attractions.

avoca homestead complex

a verandah is on the east river side and part of the west side, and its roof is set down from the main roof. the verandah may have continued for the full length of the west side but the west side of the building has sagged, posts have collapsed and a number of the drop logs have fallen from the wall. the building is lined internally with .

timeline of australian inventions

this is a timeline of australian inventions consisting of products and technology invented in australia from pre-european-settlement in 1788 to the present. the inventions are listed in chronological order based on the date of their introduction. australian inventions include the very old, such as woomera, and the very new, such as the scramjet, first fired at the woomera rocket range.

parasemia plantaginis

parasemia plantaginis, the wood tiger, is a moth of the family erebidae.several subspecies are found in the holarctic ecozone south to anatolia, transcaucasus, northern iran, kazakhstan, mongolia, china, korea and japan.one subspecies is endemic to north america. p. plantaginis males occur predominantly in two distinct color phenotypes: yellow and white.

stannix park house

location of stannix park house in new south wales. stannix park house is a heritage-listed residence in stannix park lane, off stannix park road, wilberforce, city of hawkesbury, new south wales, australia.it was built in 1839. it was added to the new south wales state heritage register on 2 april 1999.

woodford academy

the verandah roofline is an extension of the original verandah but is skillioned. the galvanised iron moorewood & rogers tile roof is also used on this extension and has boxed eaves. a pair of french doors with bead flush lower panel and a toplight open to the east end of the verandah. a pair of 2 panelled doors with a toplight are off centre .

outline of islam

islam is an abrahamic monotheistic religion teaching that there is only one god and that muhammad is a messenger of god.. the following outline is provided as an overview of and topical guide to islam.


for the duhigs, it was a modest family house, affectionately named killila cottage after their home in county limerick, ireland. by the mid-1880s windsor shire was an ideal suburban location, being within a stone's throw of the city yet enjoying all the attributes of the country.