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angular 4 material table highlight a row - stack overflow

update for newer material version md --> mat :. html: < -- add the highlight class in row definiton of md-table --> < -- add click event to pass the .

how to build custom component in angular material 2 - stack overflow

this article provides an excellent explanation and example regarding cdk. the goal of the cdk is to give developers more tools to build .

adding physics to scngeometryelement primitive - stack overflow

it's important to note that scenekit will create a physics shape for your custom geometry. this physics shape will not have the same geometry .

sustainable and green building materials - aft construction

jan 25, 2018 . plastic composite lumber; led lighting. spray foam. structural insulated panels sips can be a good building material to consider when building .

python - best practices for benchmarking keras pre-trained image .

mar 31, 2020 . browse other questions tagged python tensorflow keras benchmarking transfer-learning or ask your own question. the overflow blog. building .

modelbuilder end not working as it should 'com.badlogic.gdx.utils .

libgdx is not saying to call end before you create a node, but that there is already an existing model that was created. therefore, before .

green building materials: a guide to product selection and .

to properly select and specify green building materials, architects need advice on . amazon best sellers rank: 1,004,872 in books see top 100 in books .

green building materials

the top twenty five percent in each building type category receive the energy star label. currently energy star has ratings for the following building types: bank/ .

'angular-material' new answers - stack overflow

angular material mat-table is not showing updated data from data source . xi18n try to move your angular.json budgets from: . it using simple css by adding the color in the css as tr background-color:green; . the best way to hide/show any element in angular is to use the *ngif directive.

how can i change default dialog button text color in android 5 .

you can try to create the alertdialog object first, and then use it to set up to change the color of the button and then show it. note that on builder object instead of .

is it possible to let fog interact with the material's opacity? - stack .

note: i suspect there are probably easier/prettier ways to solve this than opacity. in particular, note that partially-opaque buildings will show .

how to find the best in green building materials recyclenation

aug 12, 2015 . how to find the best in green building materials. before starting any construction project, consider how you can green the process.

how to design a relational model for double-entry accounting with .

. and it certainly won't scale , which is why i'm trying to build an app to replace it . so the best advice i can give you is, as stated in the double-entry . notice the business transactions where one side is blue and the other is green. . code i.e. '100.12 - window materials', '100.13 - window labor', etc. .

how to choose green building materials - dummies

several natural construction methods offer greener alternatives to using wood and may be the best choice for your green dream home. check with your local .

how to build walls for a maze / labyrinth / dungeon? - stack overflow

the code i use i just took from an example and it does build a wall to my scene: . if i should use this code to build up an entire labyrinth / dungeon or if this is best . directionallight; import com.jme3.material. . green ; getphysicsspace .

best eco friendly building materials to use in commercial .

dec 14, 2018 . installing low-flow fixtures and green roofing can help as well. the range of options available to business owners can be overwhelming. at .

23 different green building materials - the constructor

st bale is another green building material which can be used as framing material for building because of good insulating properties. they can also act as .

green building materials - green building solutions

green building is about more than the materials you use, we've taken each element and provided green building alternatives to traditional materials.

flooring materials - green building alliance

the best floor will reduce a building's environmental impact and toxicity level, and function well for building occupants. types and trade-offs. there exists an even .

using steel as an option for green building materials - bridger steel

as recyclable materials, job site responsibility, and renewable energy become more important in building construction, metal continues to provide the best .

sustainable construction best practices fieldwire

aug 12, 2019 . concrete accounts for half of all construction waste generated each year; more than 500 million tons worldwide green building materials like .

11 green building materials that are way better than concrete

jul 8, 2016 . 11 green building materials that are way better than concrete. design architecture · 08/02/2016; under architecture, art. by emily peckenham.

windows - bazel is building executables without .exe extension .

apr 2, 2020 . i think that's normal. did it work before? you just need to build bazel build //examples:gflags example.exe.

nicholas larsen - stack overflow

i believe good work encourages specific behavior, but doesn't necessarily enforce it. . supporting materials: real time widget, blog post november 2015 . redesigned daily model building process to be self organizing feb 2017 . i had heard defined, in particular how red-green-refactor work, make a lot more sense.

get material 2 theme color scheme/palette for other elements - stack .

i am building an application but i want to keep a consistent color scheme that can be . now go to your theme.scss file that you use to theme your material 2 items, . mat-palette $mat-red ; $app-success: mat-palette $mat-light-green ; // create . if you only need the answer of the asked question, probably is better to refer to .

designing a sql schema for a combination of many-to-many .

applying normalization to your problem the solution is as given. run and see it on fiddle. fiddle create table products product id int .