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polystyrene ceiling tiles illegal? no just a fire risk

polystyrene ceiling tiles are legal… for now. polystyrene ceiling tiles are not illegal, surprisingly. the same is true for polystyrene coving. if you go to stockists and diy stores, you’ll still be able to buy them; clearly, they are not illegal. the better question is: are they a fire risk? and the answer is 100% yes.

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are polystyrene ceiling tiles illegal? put simply, no. this may of course change and the building regulations are updated regularly and so should be consulted. however at the time of writing this blog, polystyrene ceiling tiles and polystyrene construction products generally are not illegal. are polystyrene ceiling tiles a fire risk? yes.

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well it's me mum and dads house, father, bless him now departed , decided many years ago to stick polystyrene tiles on ceiling yes i know the fire risk, that's why i've removed em he did a superb job sticking them to ceiling with numerous blobs of that well known substance 'evo-stick'.

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polystyrene ceiling tiles illegal polystyrene tiles in al properties what are the rules polystyrene ceiling tiles illegal no just a fire risk expanded polystyrene tiles styrofoam ceiling finishing. share this: click to share on twitter opens in new window click to share on facebook opens in new window like this:

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a kink in the armor 66 results the eyes of the victim where wide open as she watches a man lifting half the ceiling on his shoulders and toss it across the room like a toy. though it was

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polystyrene tiles in rental properties - what are the rules? 4/3/2017 6 comments then i went into the lounge and noticed the ceiling had polystyrene tiles these weren’t the usual small square ones but larger ones with bevelled edges. they had been newly painted with white emulsion and actually looked quite smart.