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deck bridge

a grid deck uses beams and diaphragms as the supporting structure. the supporting system of a grid deck is analyzed using a grillage analysis. a slab deck is one where the deck is analyzed as a plate. if the slab has a stiffness that is different in two directions at right angles , then the deck is known and analyzed as an orthotropic deck.

girder bridge

in roadway applications it is usually a poured reinforced concrete slab, but can also be steel grid or wood plank. the deck includes any road lanes, medians, sidewalks, parapets or railings, and miscellaneous items like drainage and lighting. the supporting structure consists of the steel or concrete system supporting the deck. this includes the girders themselves, diaphragms or cross-braces, and if applicable the truss or arch system.

index of climbing topics

this section is empty. you can help by adding to it. july 2010 w. webbing - white ice - windslab - wired . y. yosemite decimal system. see also. glossary of climbing terms – climbing jargon.; list of climbers – people associated with climbing.

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if there's a void under the slab, or poor compaction, you might get a cracked floor. i would worry about electricity water, as there are likely power outlets close by. structurally, it's way better than some of the insane hot tubs i see on dubiously-constructed elevated decks: i'm surprised there aren't more collapses.

scottish gravestones

the 16th century, the century in which scotland played host to her own protestant reformation, was a quiet one for scottish gravestones. it seems that they were seldom produced and are indeed a rare sight today in our old graveyards. more stones were produced in the 17th and 18th centuries.

lincoln continental

the lincoln continental is a series of mid-sized and full-sized luxury cars produced by lincoln, a division of the american automaker ford motor company.the model line was introduced following the construction of a personal vehicle for edsel ford, who commissioned a coachbuilt 1939 lincoln-zephyr convertible, developed as a vacation vehicle to attract potential lincoln buyers.


thomas murphy irish republican born 1946 , nicknamed 'slab' student loan asset-backed security, an asset-backed security 's.l.a.b. theory', a term coined by david bordwell to refer to theories that use the ideas of saussure, lacan, althusser, and/or barthes

david randall hertz

david randall hertz born october 6, 1960 is an american architect, inventor and educator.he is known for his work in sustainable architecture and as an early innovator in the development of recycled building materials.


slab stabilization is a non-destructive method of solving this problem and is usually employed with other concrete pavement restoration methods including patching and diamond grinding. the technique restores support to concrete slabs by filing small voids that develop underneath the concrete slab at joints, cracks or the pavement edge.

paleogeography of the india–asia collision system

the paleogeography of the india–asia collision system is the reconstructed geological and geomorphological evolution within the collision zone of the himalayan orogenic belt.the continental collision between the indian and eurasian plate is one of the world's most renowned and most studied convergent systems.however, many mechanisms remain controversial


a kleroterion ancient greek: κληρωτήριον was a randomization device used by the athenian polis during the period of democracy to select citizens to the boule, to most state offices, to the nomothetai, and to court juries. the kleroterion was a slab of stone incised with rows of slots and with an attached tube.


rather, you need a reference to support the idea that the normal rules of do not apply. or, if you think that in spite of your pov being outvoted, an all-flying canard is different and can never act as a stabiliser, then you will need to reference that. until then, you need to stop your destructive edits of other contributors' material .

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ridge push

ridge push also known as gravitational sliding or sliding plate force is a proposed driving force for plate motion in plate tectonics that occurs at mid-ocean ridges as the result of the rigid lithosphere sliding down the hot, raised asthenosphere below mid-ocean ridges. although it is called ridge push, the term is somewhat misleading; it is actually a body force that acts throughout an .


rebar short for reinforcing bar , known when massed as reinforcing steel or reinforcement steel, is a steel bar or mesh of steel wires used as a tension device in reinforced concrete and reinforced masonry structures to strengthen and aid the concrete under tension. concrete is strong under compression, but has weak tensile strength.

janicza bravo

the film was shot on location in bombay beach and slab city, california. bravo worked with jash to produce and release the film online. the film's title was inspired by the 1976 françois truffaut film, small change, where the boy falls out the window yet survives.

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