back propping to suspended concrete floors

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this article puts some light on the theory and background to back-propping and gives advice on the methods recommended for back-propping calculations. it explains the physics involved and how engineers and designers can avoid or prevent damage to concrete slabs during construction.

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where the maximum thickness of reinforced concrete floor slab does not exceed 350mm. when the imposed load applied to a particular floor slab exceeds its carrying capacity, then some of the load will have to be distributed through the floor, either directly to the foundations or to other slabs.

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good back propping design by temporary works engineers

temporary works engineers will design the best way of back propping a newly poured concrete slab.back propping is used to support a suspended slab while the formwork is being stripped. the back propping then remains in place until the slab gains enough strength to support itself. it is a vitally important part of the safe and economic construction of in-situ concrete structures.

differences between reshoring and backshoring concrete

reshores should be located in the same position on each floor so that they will be continuous from floor to floor. reshores must not be placed where they could cause tensile stresses where there is no reinforcement. doing so may cause serious cracking of the concrete. slabs should not be reshored until adjacent beams, if any, have been reshored.

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practical activity for illawarra carpentry students to complete formwork to suspended slabs beams and columns. skip navigation forming concrete suspended slabs system for floor slabs

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