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testing a couple things to use for a floor covering in my boat. please hit the like and subscribe buttons. marine plywood test. what's the best to seal with? marine plywood and

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newby replacing aluminum boat's floor. discussion in 'materials' started by brylk1830, mar 29, 2008. joined: mar 2008 i had to replace the stringers, transom plywood and decking plywood. i have done a lot of research on suitable plywood for my project. you can up grade the plywood and even use pt, but with pt you need to use something

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marine plywood is often used to build boat interiors and to replace flooring during boat renovations. but why do we have to use plywood specifically made for the marine environment and are we wasting our money on expensive ‘marine’ plywood when outdoor grade ply may work just as well?

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plywood for boat flooring??? discussion in ' do not use marine grade treated wood or treated plywood it will eat the aluminum over time like rust does to metal. any fiberglass boat pre about 1980, and any resined floor/transom/etc. prior to the same date would originally have been done with poly. pescadero, may 20, 2010.

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expert advice on how to prepare for an earthquake. august 7, 2014 at 3:00 am putting in 2×4 uprights and replacing walls with marine plywood. “if you resurface the area, you can’t tell

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take note that marine grade plywood is a high quality ply with fewer/smaller voids and more and thinner plies than regular cdx. but it has no anti-rot treatment. for that, go with pressure treated. marine plywood for transom marine ply can be pressure treated and the apa does not recommend you use regular pt.