45 degree deck joist

comandanti medaglie d'oro-class destroyer

the comandanti medaglie d'oro-class ships had a length between perpendiculars of 115 meters 377 ft 4 in and an overall length of 120.7 meters 396 ft . the ships had a beam of 12.3 meters 40 ft 4 in and a mean draft of 3.6 meters 11 ft 10 in .

trussed concrete steel company

kahn's new technology improved system used 45 degree tab flanges or 'wings' permanently attached on steel beams that distributed the tension stress for overall improvement in strength of reinforced concrete.

charles bolden

charles frank bolden jr. born august 19, 1946 is a former nasa administrator, a retired united states marine corps major general, and a former astronaut. a 1968 graduate of the united states naval academy, he became a marine aviator and test pilot.after his service as an astronaut, he became deputy commandant of midshipmen at the naval academy.. on may 23, 2009, president barack obama .

trussed concrete steel company

the headquarters for trussed concrete steel company was located in detroit at the northeast corner of lafayette boulevard and wayne street, in a new eight-story skyscraper built by albert kahn associates in 1907. the building was the first office building in detroit built from concrete and was later known as the owen building.

piping and plumbing fitting

it is primarily used to connect hoses to valves, water pumps and deck drains. a 45 elbow, also known as a '45 bend' or '45 ell', is commonly used in water-supply facilities, food, chemical and electronic industrial pipeline networks, air-conditioning pipelines, agriculture and garden production, and solar-energy facility piping.

henry c. mustin 1933–2016

a navy junior, hank mustin was born in bremerton, washington, on 31 august 1933, as the sixth generation of distinguished naval officers and great-nephew of the 12th commandant of the marine corps.he was the son of vice admiral lloyd montague mustin and emily proctor mustin, and namesake of his late grandfather captain henry c. mustin a pioneering naval aviator.

diving chamber

medical lock on decompression chamber. used to transfer medical supplies and food into and out of the chamber while it is under pressure. the door is locked by a 45 degree rotation. a safety interlock that prevents any rotation of the door while the lock is pressurised can be seen in the disengaged position, showing that it is safe to open the .

conservation-restoration of the h.l. hunley

the conservation-restoration of the h.l. hunley is currently being undertaken by the warren lasch conservation center; they hope to have the hunley project completed by 2020. since the hunley was located in 1995 and recovered from the ocean in 2000, a team of conservators from the lasch conservation center has been working to restore the hunley.. the hunley, the first combat submarine to .

citigroup center

the roof of citigroup center slopes at a 45-degree angle. designers originally intended it to be terraces for apartments, and later revised it to contain flat-plate solar collectors, to produce hot water which would be used to dehumidify air and reduce cooling energy.

talk:framing construction

the floor, or the platform in this framing type's name, is made up of joists usually 2x6, 2×8, 2×10 or 2×12 depending on the span, on edge, with larger joists supporting weight for a greater distance that sit on supporting foundation walls, beams or girders within and at right angle to an outside members also on edge the header, rim or band , forming a box.

odile decq

odile decq born 1955 in laval, france , is an award-winning french architect, urban planner and academic. she is the founder of the paris firm, studio odile decq and of confluence institute in 2014. decq is known for her unique, self-described goth appearance and style.

graf zeppelin-class aircraft carrier

beneath the lower hangar was the main armored deck or tween deck where armor thickness varied from 60 mm 2.4 in over the magazines to 40 mm 1.6 in over the machinery spaces. along the peripheries, it formed a 45 degree slope where it joined the lower portion of the waterline belt armor.


there is insufficient space on the narrow portion of the step for the other foot to stand, hence the person must always use the correct foot on the correct step. the slope of alternating tread stairs can be as high as 65 degrees as opposed to standard stairs, which are almost always less than 45 degrees. the advantage of alternating tread .

bretagne-class battleship

the ship's main battery consisted of ten 340mm/45 modèle 1912 guns in five twin gun turrets. the turrets were mounted all on the centerline, with two in a superfiring pair forward of the conning tower, one amidships between the two funnels, and two superfiring aft of the rear superstructure. these guns had a maximum elevation of 12 degrees, with a range of 14,500 m 47,600 ft ; this was a .

nevada-class battleship

the two nevada class of dreadnought battleships were the first standard-type battleships produced by the u.s. navy, and also the first to use triple main turrets. nevada bb-36 and oklahoma bb-37 were both ordered in march 1911. in armament, armor, and propulsion the nevada class represented a considerable evolution in battleship design and, in being designed specifically to fight at .