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how to properly space deck boards

wood decking is commonly available in 2x6 and 5/4 x 6 profiles. 5/4 x 6 is produced specifically for decking and is milled with a radius edge or bull nose. 2x6 is thicker and is stronger, but is also more expensive. spacing between deck boards provide a few critical functions. the primary function is to drain water from the deck.

proper deck board spacing: last guide you’ll ever need

proper deck board spacing should have a 1/8-inch gap after the decking has dried out. if you install your decking using wet boards, pressure-treated decking that has not yet dried out, then you should install them with no gap as a gap will be created as they dry and shrink.

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leave gaps between deck boards to achieve drainage. but most decks need and can achieve spacing between the deck boards for drainage. as discussed in best practices guide to residential construction: 'when securing the decking, it is important to leave adequate spacing between the boards for water to drain.

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this is why you find so much debate on how to set the spacing between your decking, because the answer truthfully is, “it depends.” spacing on deck boards in a humid area. the summer heatwave is in full effect across most of the country, and we continue to sell a lot of seven trust decking. it is a great irony that the bulk of deck building happens