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5. spin all cucumbers in a spiralizer. cut heirloom tomatoes to 1 inch thickness, punch with varying size ring molds. 6. toss cucumbers and punched tomatoes with salsa verde to coat. 7. place on

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posts about growing cucumbers in containers written by plantsondeck. cucumbers, oh, cucumbers.how we love thee. speedy green hybrid: maybe a few cukes can be harvested in 42 days?say, before the aphids attack?this is a biggie 12 x 60 , so one per pot.

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be sure you have plenty of light if you are growing plants from seeds--i use 4 foot florescents, no need to buy special lights, the cheap bulbs work just as well as the grow lights. an oscillating fan will also help make stronger seedlings--the motion makes the stems sturdier, and there is less shock when you take them outside.

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the solution is to use the right size pots. you can grow numerous varieties of cucumbers, including sweet success, liberty, bush slicer, suyo, burpless, salad bush, and early pik. growing cucumbers in pots. cucumbers require deep roots to thrive, so the container must have a minimum depth of sixteen inches. having two additional inches in depth

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it may sound silly, but if you want to be successful in growing your own vegetables, planning in advance is a must. choose a sunny area of your yard with good soil that is close to a water source.

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although cucumbers have spling vines, you can grow them in containers. the key is to choose a compact variety and train those vines up a trellis. the crop climbs high, conserving space and harvesting is a breeze. in addition, growing in containers is a great way to give cucumbers the extra heat they love and control moisture and fertility.

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read the how to eradicate tiny black bugs on my potted cucumbers discussion from the chowhound gardening, pest control food community. join the discussion today. read the how to eradicate tiny black bugs on my potted cucumbers discussion from the chowhound gardening, pest control food community. they are poppy-seed-size, round, and immobile

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to grow cucumbers in pots, start by getting a pot that has drainage holes and is at least 10 inches wide. then, fill the pot with potting soil made specifically for vegetables and insert stakes into the soil so your cucumbers have something to grow on.

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read the what size pots for tomatos and peppers? discussion from the chowhound gardening, tomatoes food community. i transplanted the tomato plans into 9 ' pots and put the pepper in a 6 inch pot. i have no idea about the proper pot for the pepper. is is better to let be or to move larger pots? the tomato plants are growing but i only

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bigger pots hold more potting soil, which in turn retains water longer. cucumbers depend on access to a lot of water to grow, so you want to make sure they get a consistent level moisture. if you only have a little soil, that is much harder to do. one great container for growing cucumbers is an earthbox or another