different to cover a deck

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how to build a patio. the panels are 2x2 feet and 2x3 feet, so you can cover lots of ground in little time. so what's the difference? traditionally, to install a slate patio you would have to

5 different types of awnings to cover your deck

while there are many options for a covered deck or covered patio, one very popular option is adding and on as a cover to your deck or patio. but, as with all things home related these days you have many options for your awning system.

ideas for covering a deck diy

your deck may be the gateway to alfresco living, but there are bound to be times when you’d like to be lounging outside even if it’s raining or when the sun is at its most brutal. times like those, a partial deck roof or deck canopy would make a welcome addition. one of the simplest deck covers

how to shade your deck or patio with a diy awning family

how to shade your deck or patio. pros: with structures up to 21 ft. long and nearly 27 ft. wide, the wooden canopy systems will cover almost any size deck. each canopy is retractable, and it’s the only system that allows the canopies to be partially retracted, giving you more control over your shade.

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easy ways to make that ugly kitchen gorgeous. august 3, tiles come in different materials, textures, shapes and colors. or deck it out by combining the singular tiles in a cool pattern.

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these slick, geeky playing cards are all about the code. the beautifully designed code:deck playing cards from varianto:25 prominently feature code in 13 different programming s.

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little girl plays her cards right for big change in the

sabrina scali noticed the nhl sells playing cards, and each deck has a problem: the queens only had pom-poms. they carry proper hockey sticks now. cbs2's steve overmyer reports.