glass railing kuala lumpur

klang valley

klang valley malay: lembah klang is an area in malaysia that is centered in kuala lumpur, and includes its adjoining cities and towns in the state of selangor.a more recent alternative reference to this would be greater kuala lumpur.. the klang valley is geographically delineated by titiwangsa mountains to the north and east and the strait of malacca to the west.


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kl monorail

the kl monorail line is the eighth rail transit line and one of the operational monorail systems in malaysia.operated by rapid rail, a subsidiary of prasarana malaysia, it is one of the components of the klang valley integrated transit system.the line is numbered 8 and coloured light green on official transit maps.

bank negara komuter station

bank negara komuter station is a ktm komuter train station in central kuala lumpur, named after the central bank of malaysia headquarters located nearby. the halt forms part of a common ktm komuter railway line shared by both the port klang line and the seremban is located at jalan dato' onn

angkasapuri komuter station

the angkasapuri komuter station is a ktm komuter train station located near angkasapuri, kuala is served by the port klang line.the station primarily serves and is named after angkasapuri, the headquarters of rtm.. located nearby are the sri damesh private school and the neighbourhoods of pantai dalam and kampung kerinchi.the kerinchi and abdullah hukum lrt stations are also nearby .

kuala lumpur

the rail system in kuala lumpur is expanding fast with more railway lines due for completion or in the pipeline. in december 2016, the 1st phase of klang valley mass rapid transit mrt project, sungai buloh-kajang line was completed, the remaining phases of the line has been open in july 2017.

rapid kl

rapid kl styled as rapidkl is a public transportation system built by prasarana malaysia and operated by its subsidiaries, covering the kuala lumpur and klang valley areas.. rapid kl is one of the components of the klang valley integrated transit system.the acronym stands for rangkaian pengangkutan intergrasi deras kuala lumpur.

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hong kong

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pantai dalam komuter station

the pantai dalam komuter station is a ktm komuter train station in pantai dalam, lembah pantai and served by the port klang line.the station is built to cater the traffic in pantai dalam, as well as the northern parts of jalan klang lama i.e. taman desa, scott garden, kuchai lama .. the pantai dalam station usually busy during rush hours, public holidays and weekends as it is used by worker .

list of rail transit stations in the klang valley area .

greater kuala lumpur and the klang valley is connected in minutes through the numerous train services provided. thousands of people use these train services each day. the following are lists of train stations in the klang valley which is sorted according to alphabetical order and also according to their routes.


langkawi, officially known as langkawi, the jewel of kedah malay: langkawi permata kedah , is a district and an archipelago of 99 islands 5 small islands visible only at low tide in the andaman sea some 30 km off the mainland coast of northwestern malaysia. the islands are a part of the state of kedah, which is adjacent to the thai border.


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keretapi tanah melayu

keretapi tanah melayu berhad ktm jawi: كريتاڤي تانه ملايو برحد or malayan railways limited is the main rail operator in peninsular malaysia.the railway system dates back to the british colonial era, when it was first built to transport tin.previously known as the federated malay states railways fmsr and the malayan railway administration mra , keretapi tanah melayu .

kuala lumpur railway station

the kuala lumpur railway station is a railway station located in kuala lumpur, malaysia.completed in 1910 to replace an older station on the same site, the station was kuala lumpur's railway hub in the city for the federated malay states railways and its successor keretapi tanah melayu english: malayan railways , before kuala lumpur sentral assumed much of its role in 2001.

regent street

regent street is home to several events throughout the year. the regent street festival happens annually, and during this time, the street is closed to traffic. in september, there is a series of fashion-related events, dubbed as fashion and design month fdm , which has been running since 2015.

cn tower

the cn tower french: tour cn is a 553.3 m-high 1,815.3 ft concrete communications and observation tower located in downtown toronto, ontario, canada. built on the former railway lands, it was completed in 1976. its name 'cn' originally referred to canadian national, the railway company that built the tower.

list of tallest buildings in singapore

rank name image height m height ft floors year coordinates notes 1 guoco tower: 290 951 64 2016 the tallest building in singapore. permission needed to be obtained, which was granted, to build it at 290m as there is a height limit of 280m allowable for buildings in singapore.