how to spruce up a boring deck

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what a difference a deck makes may 7, 2011. season 3, episode 4. young homeowners' boring 1900s bungalow is beautified and a community center gets a spruce up too may 28, 2011.

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we are hoping to get some trees to spruce up the front of our house,” liz haines said. and wood boring beetles — those pests can wreak havoc. termites and other nuisance insects lay eggs

30 ideas to dress up your deck midwest living

15 spring diy garden ideas time to spruce up your backyard, deck, porch or garden give one of these diy projects a go and create a container garden, window box, centerpiece, plant markers, terrarium and more.

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if your house has old or faded house numbers on it, purchase some new numbers to spruce up the curb appeal. try to match your new house numbers with the finish that is on your exterior light fixtures. simple house numbers can start at $2.00 for a number or you can look into customized plaques that can cost $50-$100. house number design ideas>>

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spruce up your slide decks with emaze. the self-proclaimed 'prezi-killer' can add impressive animated themes to your existing powerpoint presentations.

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we took a boring old chair from an old century and gave it a new life with our trademark frostee blue upholstery. then we jacked up the cushion content a notch and added those snazzy buttons for a look and feel that will make people think twice.

spruce up your backyard guide: 50 ideas pro tips

if you hardly spend any time out in the backyard, it might not be a nice place to relax. by putting a little extra effort into your backyard, you can expand your living space beyond the confines of your home. 50 terrific ways to spruce up your backyard are highlighted below.

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my biggest complaint with turn based combat is how easy it is. it's the sort of thing, that doesn't matter how you spruce it up, it rarely presents a challenge especially in endgame scenarios where players stack the deck in their favor.

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since a deck is typically located close to the yard, it is a great place to set up your container plantings or prep veggies or flowers for the garden. set up a planting area by adding an outdoor-resilient potting bench that includes a shelf system and a der or two to store gardening supplies, such as