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although a fence gate appears to be only one block tall, a closed fence gate is a barrier one and a half blocks high. most mobs cannot jump over a fence gate, and entities on top of the fence gate stand half a block above it. an open fence gate is completely non-solid, including the open gates.

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are there iron fence gates? user info: bighairycamel. bighairycamel 8 years ago 1. i'm using an iron fence rather than wooden but i was hoping i could make a matching gate. there are 10 types of people in the world: those that know binary and those that don't. user info: manhunt21.

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as this fence was to be built across a narrow side-yard rather than along a property line , i actually had several choices of where exactly to build it. the worst thing to do would be to not think through the location and weigh all possible considerations, and then build a fence in a place where you end up not liking it

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i was wondering the other night when i ran out of fence material and couldn't make anymore if there was a hack and or cheat that removed fence limits, i have looked at the hints and cheats area a million times and can't find anything

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angie's list: tips for building a fence fences have both practical and aesthetic value, but a badly conceived fence can be an eyesore and a source of conflict with neighbors.

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i want a front yard to be fenced in but then i'll need a gate. leaving a gap in the fence would look uglyyeah something like this would really be nice. i'm trying to keep my neighbors out my yard since they literally always pop up there so i had to build a fence but now every time i want to get it in, i have to remove my own fence the put it

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make sure the fence posts can support a gate if you already have a fence. the size of the gate should not be greater than 4' 1.22 m in width. if it is wider, you must make and hang two gates, which will meet in the middle. measure the entry at the top and bottom as they can easily be different.