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reddish house

reddish house, also known as reddish manor, in the village of broad chalke in wiltshire, england, is an early 18th-century manor house possibly built in its current form for jeremiah cray, a clothier. it is a grade ii listed building.. whilst the history of the property can be traced to the early 16th century, the house as it currently stands appears to have been developed in the early 18th .

white house rose garden

the white house rose garden is a garden bordering the oval office and the west wing of the white house in washington, d.c., united states.the garden is approximately 125 feet long and 60 feet wide 38 meters by 18 meters . it balances the jacqueline kennedy garden on the east side of the white house complex. it is commonly used as a stage for receptions and media events due to its proximity to .

cottage flat

in edinburgh, colony houses are mid-victorian cottage flat-type dwellings which are a similar idea, but of a very distinctly different architecture, being always found in terraces, never as semi-detached type cottages. they normally consist of a ground floor flat with two storey upper flat known as a double upper , in early developments accessed from an external stair.

stowe house

stowe house is a grade i listed country house in stowe, buckinghamshire, england. it is the home of stowe school, an independent school and is owned by the stowe house preservation trust who have to date march 2013 spent more than £25m on the restoration of the house. stowe house is regularly open to the public.

abbey road studios

abbey road studios formerly emi recording studios is a recording studio at 3 abbey road, st john's wood, city of westminster, london, england. it was established in november 1931 by the gramophone company, a predecessor of british music company emi, which owned it until universal music took control of part of emi in 2013.. abbey road's most notable client was the beatles, who used the studio .

friar park

friar park is a 120-room victorian neo-gothic mansion in henley-on-thames, england, built in was originally owned by eccentric lawyer sir frank crisp and purchased in january 1970 by musician george harrison. the site covers about 62 acres 25 hectares . features include caves, grottoes, underground passages, a multitude of garden gnomes, and an alpine rock garden with a scale model of .

wentworth woodhouse

wentworth woodhouse is a grade i listed country house in the village of wentworth, in the metropolitan borough of rotherham in south yorkshire, is currently owned by the wentworth woodhouse preservation trust. considered to be the largest private residence in the united kingdom larger royal residences such as buckingham palace and windsor castle are not privately owned , it has an .

mercer house savannah, georgia

mercer house, now called the mercer williams house museum, is located at 429 bull street in savannah, georgia. completed in 1868, it stands at the southwestern corner of monterey square.. the house was the scene of the 1981 shooting death of danny hansford by the home's owner jim williams, a story that is retold in the 1994 john berendt book midnight in the garden of good and evil.