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rolled roofing or roll roofing things to know

rolled roofing or roll roofing things to know. if you have a flat roof on your home or building, chances are you’ve heard about rolled roofing as a method of putting a new roof on your home. the words rolled roofing are pretty ambiguous, however, referring to not one, but several different types of roofs that are available to you.

rolled roofing - basics, costs, and self-installation

rolled roofing goes down quickly. unlike shingles, which apply one by one, you can roll out a square of mineral surface rolled roof within minutes. rolled roofing is easy to transport. composite shingles are heavy and unwieldy. rolled roofing, by contrast, comes in lighter 75-pound units and is tightly rolled up and sealed.

roofing shingles owens corning roofing

browse owens corning asphalt roofing shingles available in your area, from three-tab to laminated architectural shingles, to find the right roofing shingles and shingle color for your home.

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installing roll roofing better homes and gardens

how to install roll roofing how to install roll roofing. for an affordable roof option, consider roll roofing. this material is very easy to install and only requires basic carpentry skills. which is made of materials similar to composition shingles but generally not as durable. be sure to check the warranty, which may be for only one year

roof shingles vs tiles vs rolled roofing material pros

pros and cons and comparison of home roof shingles vs tiles vs rolled roofing. which type is the cheapest and which is the most reliable. find out which material is best for various weather conditions which is fastest to install etc.