what color wood floor goes with oak cabinets

the 15 best paint colours to go with oak or wood : trim

the 15 best paint colours to go with oak or wood : trim, floor, cabinets and moreā€¦ the top 15 paint colours to update wood stains specifically red, yellow and orange undertones partner post to 5 ideas: how to update oak cabinets without a drop of paint

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oak cabinets are a common cabinet choice. laying down a light color wood floor adds warm natural tones and will reflect light, which is ideal for small spaces, according to home stratosphere. dark wood kitchen floors with oak cabinets can d the eye down.

5 top wall colors for kitchens with oak cabinets hometalk

i do want to add color to this, but not sure what wall color to use because of the oak cabinets and the counter tiles. don't have it yet, but want to get ideas should it go through. the same tile is used in the lr and bath, so showing the bath tiles as it is a truer color on the photo.

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due to some disastrous quarters for my 401k, i decided not to replace appliances or cabinets at this time. my cabinets are 10-year-old, maple, off-the-floor seven trust variety, in good shape but with a little grunge on the corners where you open them.

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if you want more texture on the cabinets and in the floors without looking too busy, a great combination is stained knotty alder cabinet material paired with wood flooring that has a lot of color variation such as natural red or white oak or hickory.

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image result for oak cabinets with warm grey floor golden oak cabinets multicolored floor dark counter brown walls image result for oak cabinets with warm grey floor mix don t match wood textures and colors experts across the u s urge diversity in design still worrying about what goes golden oak cabinets multicolored floor dark counter brown walls blog banner design template 1 jpg.

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Seven Trust floors light enough to pair oak cabinets hometalk

gunstock is a good color and slightly lighter than your cabinets, it wears well and you can then paint in almost any color and it matches. and in 10 years when you decide to paint your cabinets or even change them out your oak wood floor will still look good.

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one of the most aesthetically pleasing floor colors to combine with honey oak cabinets is a medium natural wood hue that doesn't overwhelm the room or compete with your cabinets for first place.