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poring is a small tourist resort in sabah, malaysia.located 40 km south-east of the kinabalu national park headquarters, in the district of ranau, poring is situated in lowland rainforest, contrasting with the montane and submontane rainforest of kinabalu national park.the name poring comes from a kadazandusun word for a bamboo species found in the area.

langkawi cable car

the langkawi cable car, also known as langkawi skycab, is one of the major attractions in langkawi island, kedah, provides an aerial link from the oriental village at teluk burau to the peak of gunung machinchang, which is also the location of the langkawi sky bridge.the total length is 2.2 km 1.4 mi , with a journey time from the base to the top of around 15 minutes.


history. mangosteen is a native plant to southeast asia. highly valued for its juicy, delicate texture and slightly sweet and sour flavour, the mangosteen has been cultivated in malaysia, borneo, sumatra, mainland southeast asia, and the philippines since ancient times. the 15th-century chinese record yingya shenglan described mangosteen as mang-chi-shih derived from malay manggis .

malaysian armed forces

the malaysian armed forces maf, malay: angkatan tentera malaysia-atm; jawi:اڠكتن تنترا مليسيا , are the military of malaysia, consists of three branches, namely the malaysian army, royal malaysian navy and the royal malaysian air force. since june 20. 2018, general tan sri affendi buang rmaf is the chief of malaysian armed forces

storm's stork

storm's stork ciconia stormi is a medium-sized stork species that occurs primarily in lowland tropical forests of indonesia, malaysia and southern is considered to be the rarest of all storks, and is estimated to number less than 500 wild individuals throughout its geographic range. the population has long been in decline and the primary cause is widely considered to be .

list of largest financial services companies by revenue .

the following is a list of the world's largest publicly traded financial services companies, ordered by annual sales for the latest fiscal year that ended march 31, 2018 or prior currently all public companies with sales of $20 billion or more are included, while privately held companies are not included .

list of modern armament manufacturers

the following list of modern armament manufacturers presents major companies producing modern weapons and munitions for military, paramilitary, government agency and civilian.the companies are listed by their full name followed by the short form, or common acronym, if any, in parentheses.the country the company is based in, if the information is available, follows that.

grey-headed canary-flycatcher

the grey-headed canary-flycatcher is an insectivore and like flycatchers makes sallies for aerial insects from a low perch under the canopy of a tree. a pair may forage together and they will often join mixed-species foraging flocks.

list of loanwords in tagalog

the filipino incorporated spanish loanwords as a result of 333 years of contact with the spanish . in their review of a pilipino-english dictionary, llamzon and thorpe 1972 point out that 33% of word roots are of spanish origin. an example is the sentence below in which spanish–derived words are in italics original in parentheses :

lego modular buildings

modular buildings is a series of lego building toy sets introduced in 2007 and new sets are usually released annually. created in response to feedback and suggestions from the adult fans of lego afol and teen fans of lego tfol communities, the sets in this series are generally intended for more advanced builders.

tvb awards winners lists

the tvb star awards malaysia was established in 2004. over the years it has been renamed multiple times: astro wah lai toi drama awards 2004-2009 , my astro on demand favourite awards 2010-2012 and tvb star awards malaysia 2013- . the annually ceremony takes place around end-november, prior to the tvb anniversary awards in hong kong.

sultan abdul halim muadzam shah bridge

sultan abdul halim muadzam shah bridge is the longest bridge in malaysia and southeast asia. it was listed into the malaysian book of records . penang second bridge integrated toll plaza or gateway arch toll plaza is the largest toll plaza in malaysia.