complete pvc fenced yard

petit basset griffon vendéen

the petit basset griffon vendéen / p ɛ ˌ t iː b æ ˌ s eɪ ɡ r ɪ ˌ f ɒ n v ɑː n d eɪ ˈ ɑː n / , or pbgv, is a breed of dog of the scent hound type, bred to trail hares in bramble-filled terrain of the vendée district of france.the breed is known in the united states as 'petit' or 'pbgv,' in england as 'roughie,' and in denmark as 'griffon' or 'petit'.


pearlyman foaled 1979 was a british-bred racehorse who developed into an outstanding steeplechaser over distances of around two miles. his biggest successes came when winning both the 1987 and 1988 runnings of the queen mother champion chase.having also won the grand annual chase in 1986, he is in a select band of horses who have won at the cheltenham festival in three consecutive years.

fencepost limestone

commonly, a single post, possibly with a leaner, is set in a home's yard, and may have street numbers, family names, or other names carved into the stone, or may have a mailbox set on the post. a line of stone posts may be set to evoke the rustic fences of the prairie. split rails are occasionally set on the posts to complete a border.

list of fatal dog attacks in the united states before .

adopted two hours earlier by its third home in a month, the dog escaped a fenced yard and was found by victim's mother who read the phone number on the dog's tags. when she went through her yard gate to go make a call, it ran into her backyard. while inside making the phone call, the mother heard screams; the dog had mortally attacked her son .

artificial intelligence for video surveillance

artificial intelligence for video surveillance utilizes computer software programs that analyze the audio and images from video surveillance cameras in order to recognize humans, vehicles, objects and events. security contractors program is the software to define restricted areas within the camera's view such as a fenced off area, a parking lot but not the sidewalk or public street outside .

new palace yard

new palace yard is a yard area of grounds northwest of the palace of westminster in westminster, london, is part of the grounds not open to the public. however, edward middleton barry, who also assisted with its landscaping, used railings rather than walls or fencing in its design, and it is can be viewed from the two adjoining streets.. it has existed since about the year 1100 .


switched strht to fences, bregawn ran twelve times during this season, winning on six occasions. the victories came at market rasen, catterick, wetherby, warwick, newcastle and aintree. he did however fail to complete the course on four occasions, and when he won at warwick the raceform representative reporting on the day, ivor markham .


however, curtilage is afforded less protection than a home. absent 'no trespassing' signs or fences with locked gates, it is considered reasonable for a person including a police officer to walk from a public area to the obvious main entrance to the home using the most obvious path in order to 'knock and talk' with a resident. but otherwise .

front yard

the fenced front yard of a house in brewarrina, australia, with an australiana painted-tyre-swan lawn ornament. the history of the australian front yard is said to have begun with a regulation enacted in new south wales in 1829 mandating that new houses be built at least 14 feet from the street to ensure adequate space in front of each house for a garden.

bayshore cutoff

the bayshore cutoff originally the southern pacific bay shore cut-off is the rail line between san francisco and san bruno along the eastern shore san francisco bay side of the san francisco was completed by southern pacific sp in 1907 at a cost of $7 million equivalent to $192 million adjusted for inflation , and included five tunnels, four of which are still used by .