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sikaplan pvc and tpo highly flexible sheet membrane systems protect any concrete structure - can be built as standard single layer compartment systems up to the active control system to meet the highest demands. sikaproof , a fully-bonded tpo membrane system, offers customers high waterproofing safety and installation efficiency and is typically used for basements or below-grade areas.

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a waterproofing membrane is a thin layer of water-tight material that is laid over a surface. this layer is continuous and does not allow water to pass through it. for example, on a flat terrace, a waterproofing membrane could be laid above the structural slab and below the finish tiles. other types of sheet based membranes are pvc

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precon is used as a blindside membrane in vertical applications where access to the positive side is limited. the membrane can also be used for horizontal applications for underslab waterproofing and vaporproofing. hydrastop sbw is a 60 mil composite, self-adhered sheet membrane comprised of a non-woven fabric, elastomeric membrane, and coated release paper.

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pvc waterproofing membrane is a modern roofing material, which is made of high quality flexible plasticized polyvinylchloride.. depending on the application area there are reinforced and unreinforced membranes. reinforced waterproofing membrane has a reinforcing base in the form of polyester mesh or glass fiber and it is used for waterproofing of roofs.

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pennflex pvc waterproof membrane could be applied in nearly all kinds of projects- no matter for tunnels, roofs, basements or even as liner of ponds. you know what, we have already designeda series of systems to use pvc sheet as your reliable waterproofing solutions.