fence weave plastic clips

wave audience

the wave known as a mexican wave in the english-speaking world outside north america and everywhere else simply as a stadium wave is an example of metachronal rhythm achieved in a packed stadium when successive groups of spectators briefly stand, yell, and raise their arms. immediately upon stretching to full height, the spectator returns to the usual seated position.

plastic bag

a plastic bag, poly bag, or pouch is a type of container made of thin, flexible, plastic film, nonwoven fabric, or plastic textile. plastic bags are used for containing and transporting goods such as foods, produce, powders, ice, magazines, chemicals, and waste. it is a common form of packaging.

america's next top model season 20

the twentieth cycle of america's next top model subtitled as america's next top model: guys & girls and stylized as antm 2.0 premiered on august 2, 2013.it was the 14th season to air on the cw. tyra banks, kelly cutrone, bryanboy, and rob evans all returned as judges.as in the previous cycle, public voting was still a factor in eliminations. this was the first cycle of the show to feature .

plastic arts

plastic arts are art forms which involve physical manipulation of a plastic medium by molding or modeling such as sculpture or ceramics.less often the term may be used broadly for all the visual arts such as painting, sculpture, film and photography , as opposed to literature and music. materials for use in the plastic arts, in the narrower definition, include those that can be carved or .


a loom is a device used to weave cloth and tapestry. the basic purpose of any loom is to hold the warp threads under tension to facilitate the interweaving of the weft threads. the precise shape of the loom and its mechanics may vary, but the basic function is the same.

agricultural fencing

where these animals are to be fenced, woven wire called sheep or pig netting in britain, sheep fence or hog fence in the united states is used instead, often with one or more strands of barbed wire at the top.

fence insert

a fence insert is an object designed to fit or clip into standard chain link fencing. there are three main objectives typically fulfilled by fence inserts. one is to provide privacy by converting chain link fencing into an opaque surface. another is to exploit the fence as a site for signage, often providing low-resolution.

a rape on campus

'a rape on campus' is a retracted rolling stone magazine article, written by sabrina erdely and originally published on november 19, 2014, that describes a purported group sexual assault at the university of virginia uva in charlottesville, virginia. rolling stone retracted the story in its entirety on april 5, 2015.

timeline of united states inventions 1890–1945

a timeline of united states inventions 1890–1945 encompasses the ingenuity and innovative advancements of the united states within a historical context, dating from the progressive era to the end of world war ii, which have been achieved by inventors who are either native-born or naturalized citizens of the united states.


a barrette american english , also known as a hair clip, hair slide or clasp british english , is a clasp for holding hair in place. they are often made from metal or plastic and sometimes feature decorative fabric. in one type of barrette, a clasp is used to secure the barrette in place; the clasp opens when the two metal pieces at either side are pressed together.

toddler freaks out after pulling off mom's wig epic .

this toddler was playfully pulling on his mom's wig when it suddenly slipped off of her head. after staring at the wig in horror, he held it away from him and let out a string of confused noises.


such lanyards are often made of braided or woven fabric or split with a clip attached to the end. a plastic pouch or badge holder with at least one clear side is attached to the lanyard with the person's name badge or id card. occasionally, small items like business cards, pens or tools can be placed behind the badge for easy access.