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velostat, also known as linqstat, is a packaging material made of a polymeric foil polyolefins impregnated with carbon black to make it electrically conductive. it is used for the protection of items or devices that are susceptible to damage from electrostatic discharge. it was developed by custom materials, now part of 3m.

emona anchorage

emona anchorage bulgarian: залив емона, romanized: zaliv emona, ipa: ˈzalif ɛˈmɔnɐ is a roughly square embayment, the internal part of south bay, livingston island in the south shetland islands, antarctica used as an anchorage for ships visiting the bulgarian base st. kliment ohridski.. emona is the name of a village and, in the version of emine, a nearby cape on the .

bulgarian air force

the bulgarian air force bulgarian: военновъздушни сили, romanized: voennovazdushni sili is one of the three branches of the military of bulgaria, the other two being the bulgarian navy and bulgarian land forces.its mission is to guard and protect the sovereignty of bulgarian airspace, to provide aerial support and to assist the land forces in case of war.


modern technologies include beating over sheets of black special treated paper or polyester sheets coated with food grade calcium powder nicknamed 'german plastic' are used instead of ox-guts or cow hide. old city in hyderabad use to be the hub of traditional manual manufacturing, where it is a dying trade.

yanko georgiev

career black sea coast. born in burgas, georgiev have played for locals pomorie, chernomorets burgas, naftex burgas, chernomorets pomorie, pfc burgas and neftochimic burgas.. with neftochimic burgas he signed on 15 june 2016 after the team was administratively promoted to the newly established bulgarian first league, taking the place of a group. he made his debut for the team on 21 august 2016 .


varna bulgarian: варна, pronounced is the third-largest city in bulgaria and the largest city and seaside resort on the bulgarian black sea coast. situated strategically in the gulf of varna, the city has been a major economic, social and cultural centre for almost three millennia.


the silver sheets are typically packed between layers of paper for support; this paper is peeled away before use. it is fragile and breaks into smaller pieces if handled with direct skin contact. leaf that is 0.2 μm thick tends to adhere to skin if handled directly.

plastic explosive

plastic explosive is a soft and hand-moldable solid form of explosive material.within the field of explosives engineering, plastic explosives are also known as putty explosives.. plastic explosives are especially suited for explosive demolition.common plastic explosives include semtex and c-4.the first discovered plastic explosive was gelignite in 1875, invented by alfred nobel

twinwall plastic

twinwall plastic most commonly refers to two exterior plastic sheets that are connected with a plastic support layer to create parallel channels. this design adds both impact toughness and the ability to support weight. twinwall plastic may also be used to describe a pipe that has a smooth interior with exterior air filled ridges.

plastics in the construction industry

plastic is the generic name for a family of synthetic materials derived from petrochemicals. it is often product of two or more components. it is often product of two or more components. there are many families of plastics and polymers being used in construction industry.

bulgarian air force

the bulgarian air force dates back to the end of the 19th century. at the 1892 plovdiv international fair, two lieutenants of the bulgarian army flew in the 'la france' balloon owned by the frenchman eugène godard. later, inspired by the flight, they succeeded in convincing the bulgarian general staff that the army should build a balloon force.

electronic paper

the first electronic paper, called gyricon, consisted of polyethylene spheres between 75 and 106 micrometers across. each sphere is a janus particle composed of negatively charged black plastic on one side and positively charged white plastic on the other each bead is thus a dipole .


vitosha bulgarian: витоша , the ancient scomius or scombrus, is a mountain massif, on the outskirts of sofia, the capital of bulgaria.vitosha is one of the symbols of sofia and the closest site for hiking, alpinism and skiing.convenient bus lines and rope ways render the mountain easily accessible.

industry of bulgaria

as of 2007 bulgaria produces 45.7 billion kwh of electricity. metallurgy. before the beginning of the 1950s the metallurgic industry of bulgaria did not include the whole production cycle, and as of 1939 the sector accounted for as little of 0,5% of the national gdp. as of 1998 that percentage had risen to 11,2%.

head standard

by the end of the year, 300 pairs of the $85 skis were sold. one last problem needed to be solved; the mirror-like topsheet was distracting in the sun, so a thin sheet of black plastic was added to the top. the result was the head standard, which would remain largely unchanged for over a decade.