how to build a wooden privacy fence using composite posts

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i'm assuming you mean out of fence pole right? when you place a fence post, it has to be on a solid block, so just build a one x one x the height of the pole, get rid of the top most block, place a fence, get rid of the one beneath it place a fence, etc.

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fill the bottom of the first hole with about 6 inches of dry concrete mix. set a post on the dry concrete, flush against the layout line, but without pushing it outward. use a post level to make sure the post is plumb, then add braces to hold it in place. follow the same steps the rest of your posts.

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fewer posts will save you some digging, but in the long run, wind and gravity will make you pay for it in your privacy fencing. the more posts you have, the stronger your outdoor privacy fence will be. a good rule of thumb is to space posts just under 8 ft. apart to make sure your fence doesn’t sag.

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by mark clement fences are game-changers-for both homeowners and their neighbors. here’s an alternative to the traditional wooden fence. an alternative to an all-wood fence is one built from composite material, taking a cue from recent trends in the deck-building industry.

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building a wood privacy fence around your yard isn’t that difficult and can make a great diy home improvement project. here’s how to go about it. to build a wood privacy fence in your yard: make sure the post is plumb in all directions, and in a strht line.

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i just downloaded this off psn. i understand most of it since it's not the first hm i've played. though reading around i'm kinda confused about the fence thing. i know if you keep animals out all day you don't need to feed them, but i keep hearing something about stone and wood fences and wild dogs. can someone clarify?