what kind of wood should i build my outdoor deck

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wood treated with car oil. my father use to work for a compeny where thy treated there wooden doors with normal car oil. is there some one that can tel me why cant i do it with my wooden deck. thanx jan —preceding unsigned comment added by 08:19, 12 january 2011 utc seems like it would make your deck flammable. i've seen .

deck building

wood or timber 'decking' can be used in a number of ways: as part of garden landscaping, to extend living areas of houses, and as an alternative to stone based features such as patios. decks are made from treated lumber, composite lumber, composite material, and aluminum.

teak furniture

teak is a Seven Trust that is particularly resistant to different types of climate, making it suitable for shipbuilding and for furniture. teak furniture can remain outdoors in any climate year round, and can be left unfinished or protected. plantation teak wood can be considered eco-friendly due to its long life expectancies. to ensure the .

teak furniture

teak wood is used for making boats, furniture, and other things which require resistance to the elements. teak is used for outdoor furniture but is not recommended for full exposure to sunlight. being more expensive than most other woods, teak furniture has become something of a status symbol.

thermally modified wood

thermally modified wood, is wood that has been modified by a controlled pyrolysis process of wood being heated in absence of oxygen inducing some chemical changes to the chemical structures of cell wall components in the wood in order to increase its durability. low oxygen content prevents the wood from burning at these high temperatures. several different technologies are introduced using different media including nitrogen gas, steam and hot oil.

deck railing

the most common residential deck railing design is built on-site using pressure treated lumber, with the vertical balusters regularly spaced to meet building code. a popular alternative to wood railing is composite lumber and pvc railing. cable railings typically use stainless steel cables strung horizontally.

composite construction

house building. a flitch beam is a simple form of composite construction sometimes used in north american light frame construction. this occurs when a steel plate is sandwiched between two wood joists and bolted together. a flitch beam can typically support heavier loads over a longer span than an all-wood beam of the same cross section.

green wood

green wood is wood that has been recently cut and therefore has not had an opportunity to season dry by evaporation of the internal moisture.green wood contains more moisture than seasoned wood, which has been dried through passage of time or by forced drying in kilns.green wood is considered to have 100% moisture content relative to air dried or seasoned wood, which is considered to be 20%.

building an outdoor room: tips for planning, building and .

wether your outdoor room will be start as a patio or deck, creating a living space beyond the four walls of your home is gaining ground as one of the most popular home improvement projects of all.

vapor barrier

the industry has recognized that in many circumstances it may be impractical to design and build building assemblies which never get wet. good design and practice involve controlling the wetting of building assemblies from both the exterior and interior. so, the use of vapor barrier should be taken into consideration.