build a seat on existing decking

bilevel rail car

the bilevel car american english or double-decker train british english and canadian english is a type of rail car that has two levels of passenger accommodation, as opposed to one, increasing passenger capacity in example cases of up to 57% per car . in some countries such vehicles are commonly referred to as dostos, derived from the german doppelstockwagen.

parliament of jordan

the parliament of jordan arabic: مجلس الأمة ‎ majlis al-umma is the bicameral jordanian national assembly. established by the 1952 constitution, the legislature consists of two houses: the senate arabic: مجلس الأعيان ‎ majlis al-aayan and the house of representatives arabic: مجلس النواب ‎ majlis al-nuwaab .. the senate has 65 members, all of whom are .

list of this old house episodes seasons 1–10

bob visits the brick standalone garage in an area of the yard that we haven't previously seen this season. he talks about plans to update the windows and doors. inside the garage, he shows that there is room for a car and workshop. at the back of the house, bob shows the existing back deck and reveals the plans for a two-level deck.

flight deck canada's wonderland

the colours of flight deck match in with the theme of the movie top gun. the supports of the track are coloured grey and the track itself is coloured with a much lighter shade of grey. the trains on flight deck are coloured mainly red, but also have a bit of white on the backs of the seats. the station for flight deck is coloured all grey.

diadem-class cruiser

the diadem class was intended, like the preceding powerful class, for trade protection, and were intended to be 'capable of dealing with any cruiser existing or building'. the powerfuls had proved costly and demanding in manpower, and the new class had to represent a more economical solution, that could be built and operated in greater numbers.

rms titanic

the name titanic derives from the titan of greek mythology.built in belfast, ireland, in the united kingdom of great britain and ireland as it was then known , the rms titanic was the second of the three olympic-class ocean liners—the first was the rms olympic and the third was the hmhs britannic. britannic was originally to be called gigantic and was to be over 1,000 feet 300 m long.

dennis dominator

so, in 1978, it ordered a single-deck version of the dominator with an extended-wheelbase, designed for 11-metre coachwork, this was bodied by marshall and the style, dual door with 46 seats, when exhibited on the dennis stand at the 1978 motor show at the national exhibition centre was named camair 80.

bridgeforth stadium

a major stadium renovation and expansion project began in december 2009. the expansion included the demolition of the then existing west stands, removal of the track, and the construction of a $62 million, two-tiered complex in its place. after completion in august 2011, bridgeforth stadium's seating capacity was raised to 24,877 permanent .


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erector set

erector set trademark styled as 'erector' was a brand of metal toy construction sets which were originally patented by alfred carlton gilbert and first sold by his company, the mysto manufacturing company of new haven, connecticut in 1913. in 1916, the company was reorganized as the a.c. gilbert company.


the building was acquired by commerz real in january 2010. tenants are kpmg, barclays and dwf. phase three: two snowhill, at 75 m 246 ft in height with 14 floors, was completed in may 2013. the building comprises 313,000 sq ft of office space and 8,000 sq ft of ground floor retail space.

beaumaris pier

the refurbished beaumaris pier was unveiled for the 2011 season. there are refurbished seats with new planking, shelters plus an end pavilion, and a dual-purpose landing stage. visitors can buy a license to enable sea fishing, and access commercial boat services to cross to puffin island, or travel down the menai strait.

ribble motor services

ribble motor services commenced operating in 1919, and grew to be the largest operator in the region, with a territory stretching from carlisle in cumberland to southern lancashire. in 1961, the scout motor services business was purchased, and absorbed into ribble in 1968.

seven seas explorer

seven seas explorer is an explorer-class cruise ship currently operated by regent seven seas cruises, a subsidiary of norwegian cruise line holdings.debuting in 2016, she became the first new-build ship for regent in more than a decade and the largest ship to ever operate for regent.

medium girder bridge

the medium girder bridge is a lightweight, man portable bridge and can be assembled without help from heavy equipment. in addition, it is also a deck type, two-girder bridging system capable of carrying loads up to and including main battle tanks. mgb was originally produced by fairey engineering ltd., in stockport england and is still made to this day by its successor wfel based on a design by mvee in christchurch. mgb was originally sold to the british army in 1971, subsequently also being sol

tipsy b

the depth of the decking behind the cockpit depended on whether the seating was open or closed. the tipsy b had an open cockpit, with almost side-by-side seating in the sense that the seats were slightly staggered fore and aft to minimise fuselage width, with the left hand seat 8in 200 mm further forward.

ibrox stadium

ibrox stadium is a football stadium on the south side of the river clyde in the ibrox area of glasgow, scotland.the home of rangers f.c., ibrox is the third largest football stadium in scotland, with an all-seated capacity of 50,817.. opened as ibrox park in 1899, it suffered a disaster in 1902 when a wooden terrace collapsed. vast earthen terraces were built in its place, and a main stand .

boeing 747

its seating capacity is over 366 with a 3–4–3 seat arrangement a cross section of 3 seats, an aisle, 4 seats, another aisle, and 3 seats in economy class and a 2–3–2 layout in first class on the main deck. the upper deck has a 3–3 seat arrangement in economy class and a 2–2 layout in first class.