bench made from landscape timbers

deebing creek mission

deebing creek mission is a heritage-listed former aboriginal reserve at south deebing creek road now grampian drive , deeping heights, city of ipswich, queensland, was built from c. 1887 to c. is also known as deebing creek aboriginal home, deebing creek aboriginal mission, and deebing creek aboriginal reserve.

tree shaping

tree shaping has been practiced for at least several hundred years, as demonstrated by the living root bridges built and maintained by the khasi people of india. early 20th century practitioners and artisans included banker john krubsack, axel erlandson with his famous circus trees, and landscape engineer arthur wiechula.


slate fence, a type of palisade made of vertical slabs of slate wired together. commonly used in parts of wales . split-rail fence , made of timber, often laid in a zig-zag pattern, particularly in newly settled parts of the united states and canada

conondale timbers sawmill

history. the conondale timbers sawmill near the town of conondale in the sunshine coast region is a large operating Seven Trust mill constructed in the early 1930s. it comprises the mill shed and equipment, plus ancillary structures including workers' housing. the mill was originally powered by steam, but has now been converted to electricity.


split-rail fence, made of timber, often laid in a zig-zag pattern, particularly in newly settled parts of the united states and canada; vaccary fence named from latin vaca - cow , for restraining cattle, made of thin slabs of stone placed upright, found in various places in the north of the uk where suitable stone is had. vinyl fencing

myall park botanic garden

myall park botanic garden is a heritage-listed botanic garden at myall park road, glenmorgan, western downs region, queensland, was designed by alfred gray and built in the 1950s nursery buildings by harry howe. it was added to the queensland heritage register on 9 november 2012.

sam byrne painter

to prevent the paint running, byrne would paint with the board lying flat upon his bench . sam byrne developed his own unique aesthetic to express the proliferation of mines and smelters upon the barren landscape in the early days of broken hill. his accurate recollection of the pioneering mining processes is reflective of knowledge gained .


the timber can be used to build chalets, houses, and log cabins. beech wood is used for the stocks of military rifles when traditionally preferred woods such as walnut are scarce or unavailable or as a lower-cost alternative. the fruit of the beech tree, known as beechnuts or mast, is found in small burrs that drop from the tree in autumn.


'a cube, a dome, and a pyramid are arranged in a line. made of timber, sheet metal and canvas, their crisp geometry stands out against the scrubby coastal bushland they occupy. domestic in scale, these structures appear at once to be a part of the landscape, and yet alien to it.

cooma railway station

the signals and signal gantries c. 1950s , fuel unloading points including pipework and stands, signs entrance sign, nameboards, platform signs, warning signs, heritage signs , slab retaining and crossover , platform benches 3 timber and cast iron railway benches and the station landscape are also heritage-listed.

list of people from the london borough of bexley

george albert cairns 1913–1944 , winner of the last victoria cross of world war ii, lived and worked in sidcup.; sir john champneys 1495–1556 , lord mayor of london in 1534, began the building of hall place in 1537. he is buried in st. mary the virgin church in old bexley. william claiborne c.1600–c.1677 , originally from crayford, pioneer, early settler in the americas, and from 1621 .