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sometimes, it’s easier to build a freestanding deck than it is to comply with the new lateral-bracing codes that apply to decks with ledgers. other cases where i’ll build a freestanding deck include when the house is old and i’m uncertain about the house-wall construction, or when the new deck will attach to an old deck figure 4 .

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— unless the deck is self-supporting freestanding . add another beam and columns near the house, and the deck puts no weight on the house. here’s a normal deck, seemingly attached to its house: but look below that deck, and you can see its additional structure. why? indeed, why would someone want her ¹ deck freestanding? that extra

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builder game for android. then build a house by adding windows, walls, a door, a balcony, stairs and a roof to make it a dream house. - demolish the tower: sometimes an old building needs to

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a freestanding deck will have an additional beam near the house and no ledger board. free-standing was chosen here due to only a small area next to the deck with no cantilever. there are several advantages to building a deck freestanding, not attached to your house, and few disadvantages.

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when attaching your deck to a house isn't an option, you may need to build a freestanding deck. discover our tips on how to build a self-supporting deck at

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in these cases, i often opt for a free-standing deck, which can be simpler to build and more cost-efficient when compared to the cost to cure a challenging ledger situation. free-standing doesn’t mean the deck can’t be attached to the house, it just means that the deck frame must be self-supporting.