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pool deck design: start to finish

a successful pool deck design is a combination of many factors, including materials, layout and how the deck fits in with the house and yard. the design appeal of the deck is another important factor to consider. by taking pool deck design one step at a time, you can make sure your finished deck complements your home, yard and pool and provides all the features you need.

above-ground pool deck ideas

an above-ground pool deck makes your pool a gathering place for friends and family. a well-planned design allows you to enjoy eating and lounging. the deck can also eliminate the need for you to use a ladder to get in and out of your above-ground pool, a change that makes the pool safer for you and your guests. - feelin' myself lyrics metrolyrics

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how to apply concrete pool deck coating

how to apply concrete pool deck coating this simple guide will give you step by step instructions to help you lay the deck coating yourself, saving you money. if this is the case then you will need to fill the cracks in before you install a new pool deck coating. to do this use a flexible epoxy filler suitable for concrete. make sure

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prices and shopping results for solar panel heater system for easy set pools from has the best deals and lowest prices on solar panel heater system for easy set pools solar panels now a plug-in appliance. a do-it-yourself kit for installing a handful of solar panels lets people dip their toes into grid-tied solar

dumb moves that sound smart: buying a house - cbs news

moneywatch buying a house isn't a bad thing to do with your money, if you're ready to be a homeowner and you understand what you're getting into. but don't kid yourself into thinking it's a

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pool deck designs and options diy

this sun deck from diy network's smart home 2013 is built from sustainable composite material and is the perfect spot to enjoy nature, sunbathe or entertain friends and family. the refreshing modern pool features frosted glass mosaic tile, a programmable water fountain and two high-intensity swim jets for exercising. see more of this smart pool >>