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aug 22, 2017 . if you want a pressure treated deck to last, you should treat it immediately after it's constructed. now, you will often hear the conventional 'wisdom' .

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mar 30, 2016 . a new york man swelled up and stopped breathing while he was making a deck. an indiana man vomited several pints of blood after making .

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may 7, 2019 . if you have a new deck made out of pressure treated wood, it is already protected against rot. but you will need to stain it in order to protect it from .

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jan 21, 2013 . start by applying a topical sealant to your new project for surface protection. i do not recommend use of a conventional multi-coat paint system or .

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sep 27, 2016 . after an archadeck of raleigh-durham crew completes construction on your new pressure-treated wood deck, you might be wondering why we .

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semitransparent stain gives your deck moisture and sunlight protection. image credit: pat glover/istock/getty images. manufacturers of pressure-treated wood use .

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my husband is installing a new deck with pressure-treated lumber at our home in tennessee. how long does he need to wait to paint, or should he stain the deck .

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pressure treated lumber is a popular and affordable choice for building your new deck. because of these reasons pressure treated decking material is probably .

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sealing, painting and staining pressure treated wood. a project's not really done until it's finished. and an outdoor project's not finished until it's been stained, .

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apr 24, 2014 . yep, i said new deck. over the past month, grunt labor built a deck. isn't he just awesome, y'all? of course that deck was built with .

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staining pressure treated wood enables you to capitalize on the strength and durability . with these effective steps, you can enhance your deck, fence, or other . the easiest way to wash new wood is to knock loose any dirt or residue using a .

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believe it or not, i have been called to examine rotten joists in brand new homes. in a recent . 3 a deck built with pressure treated wood will last a long time.

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… new shine to your deck, and keep the wood from being damaged from weather elements.check out .

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aug 18, 2017 . if you do decide to replace decking, or if you are building a new deck, consider recycled plastic composite lumber instead of wood. if you do an .

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pressure treated wood is a must for many outdoor projects, but it requires different handling . whether these new chemicals will turn out to be less hazardous in the long term is . if cca is potentially dangerous, should i tear out my old deck?

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we recommend one thorough cleaning every spring and fall. by sticking with a regular cleaning schedule, your deck should keep that same new look for years.

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deck maintenance - backyard wooden deck . it might resist rot and insect infestation, but pressure-treated wood still needs to be cleaned and sealed to .

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jun 6, 2017 . the economic answer: pressure-treated lumber . approximately 75 percent of all new decks are finished with pressure-treated pt lumber.