6.30am - 11am

Vn - Vegan; Gf - Gluten free

Kitchari Vn Gf $11

A healthy combination of lentils and rice loaded with vegies and flavour.

Tofu Scramble Vn $13 (GF option available)

Organic herbed tofu, packed with protein provides you with an energetic start to the day. Served with organic sour dough toast.

Organic Pancakes Vn Gf $14

A combination of organic GF flours make up these delightfully fluffy refined sugar free pancakes. Served with cocoluscious ice cream, salted caramel and fresh berries.

Hash Brown Potato Cubes Vn $12 (GF option available)

Savoury seasoned, pan-fried potatoes, served with avocado tomato salsa and toast

Organic Fruit Toast Vn $8

Natures organic spiced fruit & nut bread - 3 slices

Organic Bircher Delight Vn Gf $9

Our own twist on traditional bircher muesli, served with banana, strawberry and coconut cream with fresh apple - vegan + gluten free

Organic Acai Berry Blend Vn Gf $12

Organic frozen acai berry blended with frozen banana and apple topped with crunchy gluten free muesli and fresh berries, served in a bowl. Power start your day.

Big Breakfast Vn $20 (GF option available)

Lightly spiced avocado tomato coriander salsa on toast, hash brown potato cubes, grilled tomatoes, sautéed mushrooms, sautéed spinach and pesto.

11am to 8pm

Combination Plate

A choice of wholesome hot dishes and fresh salads served with bio-dynamic brown rice. Half Serve - 1 choice $9, Small - 2 choices $13, Medium - 3 choices $16, Large - 4 choices $19, Abundant - 5 choices $22, .  Take-Away: Small $11, Medium $13, Large $15

Vegie Burger Vn $15 (Gf bread option available)

Veggie patty infused with herbs and spices and high in protein. Served with lettuce, tomato, cucumber, beetroot, carrot, mustard and mayo. Your choice of sweet chilli or satay sauce. Served on Turkish bread or alternatively try the Open burger on rice.

Tofu Burger Vn $15 (Gf bread option available)

Marinated Tofu Burger sandwiched with lettuce, tomato, cucumber, beetroot and carrot. Your choice of sweet chilli or satay sauce. Served on Turkish bread or alternatively try the Open burger on rice.

Kofta Pocket Vn $12

Crisp salad and saucy veggie kofta balls in a toasted pita pocket.

Select any as part of combo plate

Roast Pumpkin Pepita

Roast pumpkin and avocado on a bed of organic salad mix. Topped with a creamy vegan dressing and pepitas - vegan + gluten free

Sesame Tofu Salad

Toasted sesame seeds tossed with broccoli, beans and marinated tofu - vegan + gluten free

Tangy Veggie Kofta

A light tangy tahini dressing drizzled over fresh grated carrot and beetroot tossed with fresh spinach - vegan + gluten free

Basil Pesto Salad

Organic pasta and veggies smothered in a fresh basil pesto sauce - vegan

Quest Organic Locally Roasted Coffee

Organic Quest Coffee

All coffee made with Barambah organic milk or Bonsoy organic soy milk. • Flat white, latte, cappucino, dandelion latte, hot chocolate, chai latte - (regular $4.00, large $4.80, bucket $5.80 ) • mocha, affogato - (regular $4.50, large $5.30, bucket $6.30) • long black - (regular $3.50, large $4, bucket $5) • babyccino - $1.20 • iced coffee, iced chocolate, iced mocha - $8 • tea mug - $4 • ristretto, espresso, macchiato, piccolo - $3.50 (soy milk, almond milk, rice milk, decaf, skim, extra shot, flavour shot + 50c)

Made with your choice of organic milks (Barambah, Barambah Skim, Bonsoy, Almond milk, Rice milk) or coconut water

Fresh Fruit Juices $9 and Fresh Smoothies $9.50

• Padmasana - (carrot, apple, beetroot, celery, ginger) • Acai - (acai berry, apple, banana) • Trikonasana (spinach, apple, mint, banana, pineapple, cucumber, ginger) • Balasana - (orange, pineapple, raspberry, ginger, mint)  • Tulasana - (orange, banana, mango, passionfruit)  • Savasana - (mango and agave blended with your choice of organic milks or coconut water) • Virasana - (banana and blueberries blended with your choice of organic milks or coconut water)  • Halasana - (frozen mixed berries blended with your choice of organic milks or coconut water) • Garudasana $10 (organic bio fermented raw protein powder, organic cacao $ mama blended with dates, almonds, banana and your choice of organic milks or coconut water)

It's not complete without a sweet...

Tiramisu Vn Gf $9

gluten free vanilla cake layered with coffee syrup and decadent cashew coconut cream - vegan + gluten free

Raw Cheesecake Vn Gf $9.50

Flavours change daily - raw + vegan + gluten-free

Golden Layer Cake Vn $9.50

butter scotch sponge, carob cream, mixed berry cream, layered.

Sweet Sago Bowl Vn Gf $5.50

lush tapioca pearl pudding with various fruit coulis toppings

Chocolate Brownie Vn Gf $7.50

Melt in your mouth rich, dark chocolate brownie.

Button Cakes $5.50

Carrot and Cranberry* (Vn) Lemon and Macadamia* (Vn, Gf) * with vegan cream cheese centre

Choc-Chip Cookie Vn $3.80

Vegan coverture chocolate chips make these cookies irresistible and extremely moreish.